Brokers & Intermediaries

Our Procedures for Working with Brokers & Intermediaries


ATTENTION: Buyer Introducers, Facilitators, Mediators, Intermediaries and/or Brokers

Berryhill Petroleum & Minerals Corp. LLC, alongside our Joint Venture Business Partner, represent one of the oldest and most reliable refineries in the Russian Federation with nearly a century of verifiable stability and reliability in the global marketplace. Our Joint Venture Partner maintains ATS (Authority to Sell) and Allocation Holder certifications with the refinery and is the certified actual seller on their behalf.

Our relationship is symbiotic and complete: Our business partner manages all transaction communications on behalf of the refinery as their Appointed Seller in the United States from introduction to closing and Berryhill Petroleum & Minerals Corp LLC manages all marketing, verification, vetting, and administrative transaction management. Our two companies function as a unit and share the seller-side profit on all transactions in accordance with our legally binding Joint Venture Business Partnership agreement.

Berryhill Petroleum & Minerals Corp. LLC alongside our Joint Venture Business Partner, “The Seller”, have a fully functioning internal team. We will not acknowledge or have need for assistance in representing ourselves in any way. All communications will be the responsibility of Berryhill and “The Seller”. If you are not an employee of Berryhill or “The Seller”, you are considered the responsibility of the Buyer and or the buy side of the agreed 50/50 split should that be available according to price and agreement between the Seller and the Buyer.

If an intermediary truly has a client ie.”Buyer”; the responsibility is the intermediaries to seek professional fees in any form including “Buyer Side Commission Split”. Berryhill and “The Seller” will do their best to protect the introduction and intermediaries’ contractual obligations realized by “The Buyer” and their relationship with the intermediary, in the form of Buyer Signed Irrevocable Master Fee Protection Agreement.

At no time will any Buyer side: Introducer, Facilitators, Mediators, Intermediaries and or Brokers have the expressed permission to represent and or negotiate ANY positions on behalf of Berryhill Petroleum & Minerals Corp. LLC or our Joint Venture Business Partner including price and or procedures. Berryhill and “The Seller” will NEVER accept or permit “Padding Prices” in favor of intermediaries for the sake of increased commission fees benefiting any third party. Prices and procedures are exclusive representations of “The Seller” Berryhill Petroleum & Minerals Corp. LLC alongside our Joint Venture Business Partner and its Joint Venture Administration. Prices and procedure are represented in a legal Full Corporate Offer (FCO) direct from “The Seller” to Buyer’s Signatory and will NEVER BE CHANGED.

By reading this document you acknowledge and fully understand the parameters in moving forward for the successful transaction of a fuel sale and purchase between Berryhill Petroleum & Minerals Corp. LLC alongside our Joint Venture Business Partner and any valid buyer first time or otherwise. Furthermore, you do not hold liable Berryhill Petroleum & Minerals Corp. LLC alongside our Joint Venture Business Partner “The Seller” for fees of any kind if you are considered and non-employee or contracted individual in anyway.

Failure to comply to the detailed parameters on the sale of Petroleum Products by Berryhill Petroleum & Minerals Corp. LLC alongside our Joint Venture Business Partner will simply be met with a cease and desist letter and well wishes for your endeavors in the future correspondence. Any and all nefarious behaviors will be noted, not only by our Compliance Department but equally to our partnership direct with the Refinery and their Legal and Compliance Departments respectfully.

Thank you for understanding especially as these pertain to new clients and first-time buyers. We look forward to working principal to principal should you be able to provide us with that relationship and should they care to comply In the event that a First Time Buyer NOT comply and choose to pass, Berryhill Petroleum & Minerals Corp. LLC alongside our Joint Venture Business Partner will understand and we wish potential buyer well.

We welcome the opportunity to work with Brokers & Intermediaries under the following Non-Negotiable Procedures:

  • The Broker or Intermediary must first review and sign our NCNDA / Working Agrmt which can be found HERE.
  • The Broker or Intermediary must then Introduce Him or Herself via our Online Contact Form which can be found HERE.
  • Upon review, a member of our team will reach out via email to set up a quick introductory phone call to get to know you and answer any questions. If you have any questions at this point, please take a moment to review our FAQ Page located HERE.
  • When bringing forth a buyer to transact, please first ensure you have your own NCNDA in place with your end buyer.
    a) They are the one signing off on your IMFPA, so keep integrity high and ensure they are aware of all parties involved on your side.
    b) Especially ensure they are aware that you do not represent us or the refinery, you are introducing the buyer to us, not the other way around.
    c) Misrepresentations of any kind are instant deal breakers and you will be blacklisted.
  • Please closely review the Petroleum Products we offer here:
  • Please closely review the FOB Dip & Pay Procedures we offer here:
  • Please closely review the CIF Procedures we offer here:
  • Please closely review the TTV Procedures we offer here:
  • Please closely review the TTO Procedures we offer here:
  • Verify with your client that our procedures are agreeable BEFORE making introductions. Procedures are non-negotiable, so let’s not waste our time or your buyer’s time if we are not a fit.
  • When making introductions, it’s best to do so at the time of LOI submission (Step 1 of all procedures) by CC’ing your client.
  • All correspondence going forward will be directly between our office, our Joint Venture Partner / Tuapse Refinery and your client, with yourself copied via CC in the emails. If there is an accidental omission at any time, we will fwd the correspondence to you for your records.
  • Updates are ONLY delivered via our official emails (BPM/JVP) or from the refinery directly. We do not correspond with intermediaries, brokers or buyers via Whatsapp, Messenger or any other method outside of our official email address for documentation purposes.
  • When the deal progresses to the point of circulating the IMFPA for buy-side signatures (usually immediately following executed CI), it will be sent to you directly. You will ensure all intermediary/broker signatures are in place and present to your client for signature. You will then return the signed IMFPA to us directly via email. A fully executed copy of the IMFPA will be returned once completed by the refinery.
  • PLEASE NOTE: You will need to provide ONLY ONE paymaster for the Buy Side beneficiaries. If you are working with a team, it’s best to get this out of the way up front to ensure a smooth transaction for all involved. If you do not have a Paymaster, we can recommend a very reliable one. The seller does not like distributing wires to more than one recipient.

PLEASE NOTE: Our company has a zero tolerance policy with regard to fraudulent activity and misrepresentation. We report ALL fraud and misrepresentation to the proper authorities immediately upon discovery without notice.

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