Tier One Refinery Tank Takeover (TTO) Procedures


We offer TTO product delivery in Rotterdam or any port within the Russian Federation under the following procedures:

The Following Procedures are established by the refinery to ensure allotments are sold to qualified, RWA buyers. Our procedures are simple, honest and ISO9001 (2008) compliant and positioned to protect both the Buyer and the Seller.

1 – To begin introductions, please Introduce Yourself with an LOI on your business letterhead along with your CP. Please ensure the LOI includes product, volume, FOB delivery location needs along with full contact info and website. Upon review & approval, FCO is provided within 8-24 Hours (M-F).

2. Buyer Reviews sellers FCO and issues ICPO including Buyer’s banking information, CP, Business Registration, KYC, and Passport.

3. Seller issues a commercial invoice (CI) for the available quantity in the storage tank to buyer, buyer signs and returns CI back to the seller within 4 working days.

4. Seller issue Below Proof of Products to Buyer:
a) Tank Storage Receipt (TSR),
b) Authorization To Verify (ATV)
c) Injection Report
d) Dip Test Authorization (DTA) letter containing the storage tank location and its GPS coordinates and buyer countersign the DTA with Seller & Seller leased tank farm.

5. Upon Buyer’s satisfactory verification of Seller’s tanks as authorized by the DTA, Seller’s tank farm issues 5-days tank storage Payment Invoice to Buyer that will enable Buyer Dip test & take over seller’s tanks.

6. Buyer Dip Test in Seller’s Tank & upon successful Dip Test at Buyer’s option and expense, the Seller issues the following POP documents:
a. Product passport
b. Fresh SGS report (Not older than 72 hours)
c. Export license
d. Authority to Verify (ATV)
e. Refinery Irrevocable Commitment to Supply
f. Seller’s TSR
g. Statement of the availability of the product
h. Certificate of origin
i. ATSC (Authorization to Sell & Collect)

7. Buyer makes 100% payment for the first trial via MT103/TT wiring and the Seller transfers ownership of the product to the buyer.

8. Buyer takes over Seller’s tank and Seller pays all intermediaries.

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